While modern tyres are precision engineered to offer many thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring, they do require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate at their peak, maintain their performance and improve their longevity.
We recommend that motorists perform the following checks, on all of their tyres (don’t forget the spare) at least once per month and always before embarking on a long journey or a journey under unusual loading conditions:
• Check all tyre pressures when the tyres are cold using an accurate pressure gauge (Top up or deflate as necessary to reach the pressure recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, ideally you should check your tyre pressures on a fortnightly basis to maintain optimum performance).
• Check tread depth using a tread depth gauge, or at the very least by visually inspecting each tyre to ensure that sufficient tread depth above the tread wear indicator (TWI — rubber blocks set into the tyre’s tread at a depth of



• Visually inspect each tyre and remove any stones or other objects embedded in the tread. Check for damage like cracks, lumps or bulges, and get anything suspicious CHECKED BY A TYRE SPECIALIST as soon as possible.